G.A.P. Course: “Workplace Ministers”


The workplace/marketplace is the arena for genuine transformation.  This course will tune you into His mandate to disciple nations and engage biblical outlets for our pent up passion for intentional social transformation. We will seek to challenge traditional paradigms regarding work, business wealth, and spirituality.  This course will awaken you to engage your workplace with intentionality to prosper and advance the kingdom of God.  The practical lifestyle of transformation, power ministry, wealth, honor, and relationship will all be explored and addressed in this course.  We invite entrepreneurs to bring their business experience and expertise in order to enrich this module.


Wednesdays, starting January 15 – February 12

7:00p – 9:45p @ LCX

Textbooks (Extra)

“Jesus CEO” by Laurie Beth Jones

“Christian Business Secrets” by Ben settle