G.A.P. Course: “The Rest of the Sons of God”


Our rest isn’t a vacation from work, but rather a destination of the heart.  It is from this place, this destination that we as sons and daughters will partner with the Father to do “greater things”.

This course explores our Father’s invitation for face to face encounters for the sheer “privilege of knowing Him simply for the purpose of knowing him” (p.37, Bill Johnson, “Face to Face with God”). To know Him, to know whose we are, is to know “rest” and to enter the biggest adventure of our lives.

“Christ came to Earth as the culmination and explicit revelation of God’s pursuit of mankind” (p.48, Bill Johnson, “Ibid”). Are you ready to be captured by the Father?


Tuesdays, starting January 14 – February 11

7:00p – 9:45p @ LCX

Textbooks (Extra)

“Face to Face with God” by Bill Johnson

“Sonship – A Journey into Father’s Heart” by M. James Jordan