G.A.P. – Restoration of an Apostolic People

WHEN: Tuesdays from Sep 24 – Oct 29, 7:00p – 10:00p @ LCX

COST: $25 for materials. Textbooks are available for purchase on the book table

We are experiencing a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  This is an unparalleled season when God is restoring apostolic Christianity in the earth with a fully functioning Headship of Christ. In the midst of it all God is restoring the office of apostle to His church to help us fulfill the Great Commission.  What part in God’s plan will you play? How will you prepare fr the coming harvest?

Too many Followers of Jesus become overly infatuated by the manifestations of the Holy Spirit, renewed unity in the body of Christ, the drama of spiritual warfare, the evident signs of revival, the excitement of power evangelism that they are in danger of becoming ends in themselves.  These are simply the means to a greater end of goal awakening and harvest.

This course will seek to release you to move in the apostolic and your part in this great end time restoration.

No Audits

Course is available for

4 Credits (life impact paper required)

6 Credits (additional 500 pages of reading)

A Restoration of an Apostolic People is about practically living an enduring truth: People will always be drawn to Good news when they see it in action. It always bears fruit, either in us, or in our onlookers, but most often in both.

Course Content:

  • The Father-Son Relationship
  • The Father’s Expression
  • Beyond the Starbucks Jesus
  • Our God Concept
  • Partnering with Your Forever Friend
  • Identifying the Spirits of Our Age
  • Transferring the Very Life of Christ
  • Redefining Family
  • Living Authentically
  • Celebrating Purity
  • Living Among

Technique is a terrible substitute for God (an idol) and too easy to revert to in order to “grow church” while the authentic experience of the Holy Spirit is being edged out of the back door. Holiness is not gains by withdrawal from the world but by active, redemptive engagement in the world.

Critical Renewal of the Mind: A Hebraic Mindset

“The Hebrew mind viewed God quite differently from the systematic theological thinking of the West, which defines God and his work with creation in a linear manner. The Western style treatment of the divine character attempts to explain inconsistencies and harmonize contradictions systematically. The Hebrew mind was filled with wonder at the mystery of God. The vastness of God and His inscrutable ways left them awe-struck. Inconsistencies and contradictions are intimately related to human, finite understandings of the infinite God. He is beyond human comprehension.